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The mainstream media establishment doesn’t want us to survive, but you can help us continue running the show by making a voluntary contribution. Please Support us pay an amount you are comfortable with; an amount you believe is the fair price for the content you have consumed to date.

If you want to use your preferred UPI app, our UPI ID is raj0nly@UPI (you can also scan the QR Code below to make a payment to this ID.


We are not putting our articles behind any paywall where you are asked to pay before you read an article. We are asking you to pay after you have read the article, if you are satisfied with the quality and our efforts.

However, this is not a donation. We are asking you to voluntarily pay for what you have already read or consumed. Please note that you will not be getting tax deductions as happens with donations. Additionally, we will pay taxes, as applicable, on what you contribute, because your payments are revenues for us.

Even a small amount that you decide to pay will strengthen our resources, and will help us sustain our operations. It costs us money to keep the website running, and we need your help to survive in this industry dominated and controlled by people who have no affinity for us.

With our belief and offered narrative being different from those of the mainstream media, we need to find a business model that is different from theirs, and this is one attempt, where your support is crucial. Thank you for your consideration.



Do you provide 80G certificate?

As explained above, we are not seeking donations, hence there is no 80G certificate i.e. your contributions are not tax-deductible. The entire process is like going through a ‘bypass-able paywall’ for accessing our content. Your contribution is booked as revenues in our accounts and we pay GST for that.

Do you provide invoices?

Our payment partners (UPI) would send you invoices on our behalf as soon as a successful payment is made. The same is recorded on our end too. If for some reason you need an invoice in a different format, say a GST compliant invoice with more details, please reach out to us via contact us page.

Do you provide refunds?

No. We are asking you to pay for content already consumed, so there are no refunds or cancellations applicable on one-time payments.

Would you return my money if I no longer support you?

We are sorry to have disappointed you, and we’d encourage you to write to us so that we see your point of view. However, we can’t return your earlier payment as those were in lieu of work already done by us at the time you made the payment. We ask people to make a payment only if they are happy with our past work.

I want to make regular contributions. Do you have subscription or membership plans?

Thank you for considering us worthy of your regular patronage. Right now, we don’t have subscription or membership plans, but we plan to introduce those soon.

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