BrahMos - IAF successfully test-fires air launched missile

Indian Air Force Capability of hitting targets at a range of about 400 km

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Indian Air Force successfully tested the extended-range version of the Brahmos Air Launched missile on Thursday (December 29). The missile is believed to have the capability of hitting targets at a range of about 400 km.

Indian defense officials said that after being launched from a Su-30 fighter aircraft, the missile hit the target ship in the Centre. The officials said that it was a test of the anti-ship version of the air-launched version of the missile.

The defense ministry said in a statement that the supersonic cruise missile "achieved the desired mission objectives in the Bay of Bengal region and with the successful test, the Indian Air Force achieved a capability boost to carry out precision strikes from Su-30 fighter aircraft against land/ sea targets over long ranges."

The statement further added: "The extended range capability of the missile coupled with the high performance of the SU-30MKI aircraft gives the Indian Air Force a strategic reach and allows it to dominate the future battle fields."

Sukhoi jets fitted with existing version of Brahmos (300 km range) are based at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu and are mandated for a maritime role guarding the sea lane of communication. In lay parlance, the jets can be used for sea strikes using the BrahMos missile. The air-launched version of the BrahMos weighs about 2.5 tonnes.

The software development and integration of weapon of the aircraft was undertaken by the IAF engineers while the Hindustan aeronautics Limited (HAL) carried out mechanical and electrical modifications on aircraft.

The Brahmos has in the past been inducted into the Army and Navy.

*File photo of the BrahMos missile. Photograph:(PTI)

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