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X / Twitter is down

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Elon Musk’s X platform, previously known as Twitter, has mostly stopped working for more than an hour. Many people are reporting they can’t see anything on their timelines. In mobile apps, the timelines won’t refresh, and on the web, there’s a placeholder message proclaiming, “Welcome to X! This is the best place to see what’s happening in your world. Find some people and topics to follow now.”

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Oddly, posting to the site still works, even if the posts disappear after a refresh, and accounts followed with notifications turned on still appear in that feed and push notifications for new posts. There’s even a Space hosted by New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, with over 800 people currently discussing the outage despite the inability to see new posts.

Screenshot of largely blank X homepage.

X Twitter is down

The blanked-out timelines also mean accounts for owner / CTO Elon Musk, Support, or X CEO Linda Yaccarino aren’t displaying any useful information, and the API Status page for the service doesn’t note any current issues. On DownDetector, reports of problems appear to have started just before 12:30AM ET, and so far, we’ve seen no indication of what might be causing the problem or how long it could take until service is restored.

This isn’t the only major outage for the site in recent days. Another issue broke outgoing links for a couple of hours last week. As usual, the platform’s PR account email responded only with an automatic “Busy now, please check back later” message, so anyone paying for Premium service (or hoping to be paid) will have to wait for updates some other way on the status of X.



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