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Mysore Dasara, Karnataka

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Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, ‘Dussehra’, one of the most auspicious festivals in India, gets a special celebration in the state of Karnataka. Unlike the other places of India, where Dussehra is celebrated only for a day, the regal city of Mysore in Karnataka has its celebrations going for 10 days. Famously known as Mysore Dasara, the festival is celebrated in a grand fashion.

It is the most awaited festival of Mysore and is often referred to as the Royal Festival due to its enthusiastic vibe. From dance and music to processions are carried out along with various exhibitions and Food Mela’s. It is the best way to witness the glitz and glamor of Mysore up close. Also, the Mysore Palace is beautifully decked up with more than a lakh light bulb, which is truly a sight to behold!

Dussehra festival in Mysore goes on for 10 days culminating on the tenth day, which is also called Vijay Dashmi. It is also the day of Kings and his subject’s victory. The sixth day is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the eighth to Goddess Durga, and the ninth day is for Goddess Lakshmi. On the final day, the tenth day, a procession is carried out that starts from Mysore Palace and ends in Bannimantap.

Here is details about Mysore Dasara in Karnataka


During Mysore Dasara, the Mysore Palace is bathed in lights and celebrations includes Ramayana theatre, mela (fairs), processions and parades

Start Date

September/October as per Hindu calendar

End Date

10 days later


Marks the victory of good over evil

Deity & Legends

Devi (goddess Shakti), The Ramayana, the Vijayanagara Empire, the Kingdom of Mysore, the Wadiyar dynasty

History of Mysore Dasara

The history of Mysore Dussehra goes back to the 15th century when Raja Wodeyar started these ten days celebrations.

There is also a legend that says it was Goddess Chamundeshwari of the Chamundi Hill who killed a buffalo-headed monster called Mahishasura and restored the victory of truth over evil. The day on which he was killed is the day Mysore people celebrate as Vijay Dahsmi or Dussehra. The other nine days of Navratri represent the nine forms of the Goddess Shakti.

Since this is just a myth, the seat of the Mysore Palace has been maintained by the Wadiya’s till date. Various traditions and different art forms, culture, and entertainment have been introduced and are now incorporated with the Mysore Dussehra celebrations.

Mysore Dasara Date 2023

This year, the Mysore Dasara will be celebrated from 15th October to 24th October 2023

Venue of Mysore Dasara Festival

The procession starts from Mysore Palace and moves along Albert Road to Sayyaji Rao Road. From there, the parade continues to Bamboo Bazaar and Highway Circle and finally reaches its stop, the Bannimantap Grounds.

Celebrations of Mysore Dasara

In the 21st century, parades of the Dussehra festival in Mysore are carried on in a traditional way. Check out the different ways of celebrating Dussehra in Mysore –

Processions – Three processions or parades take place during the Dussehra celebrations in Mysore. It is the most notable aspect of the entire festival and is attended by thousands of locals and tourists. On the ninth day of the festival, the Mahanavami, the procession is carried out to worship the royal sword, and camels, horses, elephants, dancers, and people decked up in finest liveries can be seen. The Royal Family also takes part in it.

The next two processions happened consecutively on the tenth day of Dussehra. The first one is a traditional-style parade known as the ‘Jumboo Savari’. It begins from the beautifully lit Mysore Palace and ends at the holy grounds of Bannimantap. During this time, one can see bands, dance troops, huge decorated floats depicting significant mythical events and armed forces. The highlight of this procession is the idol of Goddess Chamudeshwari on a golden seat on an elephant. The Royal Family privately worships this idol before the parade commences and is displayed to the common public.

It finally stops at Bannimantap where you can see Banni Tree, earlier used to hide arms and was also worshipped by the Pandava brothers. Later that evening, the last and final procession takes place from Bannimantap. This is also known as Panjina Kavayitha, which proves to be a great end to the Mysore Dussehra festival.

Exhibitions and Events – Apart from the processions, there are several exhibitions and events organized throughout the ten days of Dussehra. Sporting events like heritage tours on cycle, wrestling, yoga, film festivals, pet shows, and treasure hunts are organized to keep the spirits of the festival high. It is a great way to explore and celebrate the art and culture of Mysore. Food is a great aspect of this festival and you may see various food stalls that sell mouth-watering delicacies to visitors.

Exhibitions are organized on the grounds opposite the Mysore Palace and continue throughout the festival till December. Clothing items, cosmetics, kitchenware, gaming, rides, Ferris Wheel, and more can be seen here. Another interesting part of Mysore Dussehra is the Golden Throne kept in the Durbar Hall for the entire Dussehra festival. If you wish to see it, this festival is the perfect time to plan a trip to Mysore.

Enjoy the Dussehra festival with our Mysore tour packages, also book the best hotels to stay in Mysore to explore attractions and places to visit near the city for an unforgettable experience.

How to Reach Mysore

By Air – Mysore Airport is the main airport to reach Mysore. It is also known as Mandakalli Airport and is located just 10 km from Mysore. The nearest international airport is in Bangalore. The Mysore Airport is well-connected with major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. From there, you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach your desired destination.

By Rail – Take a train to Mysore railway station from any prominent city in India. There are regular trains available from major cities and from there, use local transportation services to reach Mysore.

By Road – Several Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation buses run from nearby cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Coonoor. You can easily book a bus from private bus operators too that offer different types of bus options like Private AC. Volvo, deluxe, etc.

Where to Stay in Mysore

Mysore is a well-known tourist destination in Karnataka that attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Thus, there are various accommodation options in Mysore that offer decent to lavish stays. On your trip to Mysore during the Dussehra festival, you can stay at any hotel as per your needs and budget. Here are some of the top recommended places to stay in Mysore –

  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Mysore
  • Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Mysore
  • Grand Mercure Mysore
  • Royal Orchid Brindavan Garden Palace and Spa
  • Hotel Pai Vista
  • Hotel Lok Sagar Mysore

Travel Tips

  • During Dussehra time, the prices may shoot up. Therefore, we advise you to book your flight/train/bus tickets in advance.
  • At extremely crowded places, make sure to take care of your belongings. Do not carry expensive things or loads of cash with you.
  • Try to learn some local language phrases. It will help better communicate with the local people.


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