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Marathi Boy Atharv Name Meaning

Atharv Name Meaning - Get to Know the Meaning, Origin, Popularity, Numerology

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boy name Atharv Name Meaning - Get to Know the Meaning, Origin, Popularity, Numerology, Personality based on Numerology, Numerology Calculation Method, & Each Letter's Meaning of The Marathi Boy Name Atharv

MeaningName of a Ved
Zodiac SignAries
Name Lenght6 Letters
Vowels Count2
Ruling planetKETU
NatureShadow of Moon, Secretive, Cheat-facer

Atharv is Marathi Boy name. Meaning of the name Atharv is "Name of a Ved".

According to the numerology value 7, Atharv is Analytical, understanding, knowledgeable, studious, independent, fearless, investigative, proof oriented and practical.

Name Atharv reflects the desire and urge for seeking truth in everything around. But when Atharv comes across the fact, finds it hard to accept it. Therefore, Atharv can often be seen making an effort to hide the inner fear and weakness. Sometimes Atharv can be very lazy and idle.



Atharv has philosophical qualities and often moves around with a mysterious demeanor trying to analyze things around. Atharv has a clear intuition owing to a clear awareness and careful attitude.

Based on Numerology Value 7, Atharv is Perceptive, Intellectual, Mysterious, Spiritual, Reserved, Skeptical, Solitary, Introspective, and Analytical.
The personality of the name Atharv is described below according to the numerology value.

  • Perceptive - Atharv notices or understands things quickly.
  • Intellectual - Intellectual attitude shows an ability to think logically and to understand things.
  • Spiritual - Religious person.
  • Reserved - Atharv is a little bit shy and keeps feelings hidden.
  • Skeptical - A skeptic attitude doesn't believe something is true unless there is any evidence.
  • Solitary - Atharv can live, or go alone or without companions.
  • Introspective - Atharv always analyzes own actions.
  • Analytical - Ability to collect and analyze information, problem-solve, and make decisions.

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