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Happy Birthday Virat - Cricket

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November 5 (Happy Birthday Virat - Cricket) . A special day for modern day cricket.. A man, rather a special man celebrates his birthday today. ICC U-19 World Cup Malaysia 2008. This tournament is special for cricket lovers in many ways. A lot of modern day greats were colts representing their country in this championship. The likes of Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, the hard hitting Corey Anderson to name a few, were a part of this championship. Today we all know what heights they have reached in their careers. They are the mainstays of their respective sides now.

But when it comes to our country, India, not many could break it into the main team then. All this said and done, there was one man who did it. A Sri Lanka tour in 2008, he made his debut. Struggling at the start to get used to the pressure of international cricket, he soon adapted to it and began to show his class.

One game which I remember is against Sri Lanka in Kolkata where India had lost 2 wickets in first 2-3 overs. He was sent in at 3 or 4 maybe, but from there he put up a match winning partnership with Gautam Gambhir to steer India to victory. From that game onwards, though, many things changed. The one which is memorable to many is his Hobart innings, 130-something in 80-something balls to gain India a bonus point chasing 340 was just as special.

I believe there are only 2 players who can played Malinga the way they did.. One is MS Dhoni and the other is our birthday boy! MS showed that in the World Cup final in 2011. They toyed Malinga just like a gully cricket bowler!

Another of his special knocks was his 183 against Pakistan in Asia Cup. A must win game for India to stay in the championship, he just demolished the Pakistani bowlers. 300+ runs to chase and he scores a century then became common to everyone.

Having said a lot about his game, another thing which strikes me is his desire to stay fit whatever be the case. The way he has transformed himself in terms of his fitness.. It's only he who can beat himself there.. There's just nobody close to him!

With the pandemic, the topic of mental health has also been talked about. He is someone who has spoken about it and also gone through it. The brand that he is today, his words hold a lot of importance.

He has also showed the Indian mothers that boys look smart with beard too!

Complimented by the great Viv Richards as "I see myself in him when I played" speaks volumes of his skills.

With his innings, by far the best that he's played in his career, 82* against Pakistan has just lifted his image as the most incredible player of this generation.
477 international matches 24350+ international runs 2011 ICC World Cup & 2013 ICC Champions Trophy winner!
 A temperament like no other, innumerable incredible innings, the walk like a tiger in the jungle!
Here's wishing former Indian captain, an absolute beast, the run machine, The King Virat Kohli a very very Happy Birthday and a wonderful career ahead!!
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